This is the Privacy Policy of (“” or “Onlinehutti Marketplace”, or “Website” or “We” or “Us”) and we respect the privacy of your information. This Privacy Policy governs our online information practices and reflects our commitment to protect your privacy.


Our services are available for all and we respect everyone who visits us and do business with us. We realize the importance of your privacy and personal information and thrive to offer every possible protection. To know more about our privacy policy read on.


The Privacy Policy discusses in detail all about how we collect data pertaining to our customers, how we use them and how in very specific conditions we disclose that information. Also our Privacy Policy in detail explains the various steps we have taken in order to ensure the security of our customer’s personal information. At the end our Privacy Policy also states our customers’ option regarding their personal information collection, use and disclosure. Everyone visiting our Website either directly or via another Website accept all our Privacy Policy practices.


We realize the importance of our visitor’s privacy and accept the fact that protection of all data received is a matter of sheer trust on us which we value greatly. Realizing this responsibility we only use the name and other related information related to a customer in the exact manner laid out in this Privacy Policy. We demand information from clients only on instances where doing so is necessary and only that information is collected that is deemed as being relevant towards our dealings with customers.


All information collected from customers and visitors on the Website are kept as long as law requires or as long as it remains relevant to its collection purpose.


Visiting or browsing on the Website does not require providing any information at all, personal or otherwise. Visitors remain anonymous and unidentifiable to us, until they create an account with us and log in using their username and password to do so.


Information We Require and Collect

Whenever a customer decides to buy a product from any seller listed at PakStyle Marketplace, we may require collecting different types of information during the process.


In order to process purchases and for any possible claims that may arise later on, we collect, store and then process your information. This information is also needed in order to offer our services to customers. The personal information we collect from our customers include, though not limited to, their name, contact number, email address, city, delivery address, fax number.


All your information is used by us to process the orders customers request us. We use the information to process and deliver information and services to customers offered on our website. The provided information is also used for the administration of customer’s account with us, and to verify and process financial transactions in lieu of payments made against products and services purchased from our site. Further on the information received is also used audit the data downloading from our site, for improving content or/and layout of website pages customizing them in accordance with the users, carrying out research related to our website user demographics, identifying visitors on our site, sending you information that we feel might be useful for you or that have been requested by you from us inclusive of information pertaining to the products and services we offer for sale, unless you have objected to opt out to be contacted for such purposes. Subject to receiving consent from our customers, we may also use email addresses to send out details about new products and services. In case a user decides to opt out of receiving any such details or marketing information of products and services, he or she can opt out whenever they want to.


PakStyle Marketplace is a platform that facilitates buyers and sellers online to buy & sell online in Pakistan. If you are making purchase with any particular seller, so some of your information may also be needed to be passed on to a seller, including name, address, phone number, in order to make deliveries of your purchased goods from us. For accuracy purposes we ask our customers to provide only accurate information required by the Website and avoid any kind of misleading. Any kind of change in the information should also be informed about immediately and all provided information should be kept up to date at all times.


Your actual details of order may be stored with us however owing to security reasons may not be directly retrieved from us. However to check on the details, customers can log in to their account with us and view all details required. After logging into your account customers can view every detail pertaining to orders that have been completed, that are open to date or even those who are dispatched to be delivered and are on the awaiting list to be delivered to your address, administering details of your home address, bank details, in case of any refund and with a newsletter, in case you have not opted out of it. Customers that open an account with us undertake treating personal access in the most confidential manner and never making it available to any unauthorized third party. The Website does not in any way assume any kind of liability in case of passwords misuse unless that misuse is a result of any of our fault.


Further Uses of Personal Information

Personal information of customers can be used for conducting market research or opinions. Your details contribute in these studies in an anonymous manner and are used strictly for statistical purposes only. Customers can also decide to opt out of this count. Answers to any surveys or polls that we ask our clients to provide us will not be shared with any third party. Your email address will only be disclosed if you opt to take part in any such competitions. In case you do opt to take part in any such competition, your answers are stored separately from your personal information (email address).


We may also send related information to our customers regarding us, our website/s, products, newsletters, promotions, and any other thing that may be related to our business partners or companies in our business group. In case a user prefers not to be part of receiving this information, the “Unsubscribe” link can be used to unsubscribe from such delivery of information. The “Unsubscribe” link is offered with every mail that is used to deliver any additional information. Within a period of 7 working days, excluding Sundays and any other public holidays in Pakistan, of receiving your “unsubscribe” receipt, we will cease to send you any further additional information. In case the instructions related to information receiving are unclear, we will contact user for clarification.


We may use data from different users of our site, observing complete anonymity, and use it for various different purposes including ascertaining user location and usage of certain site’s aspects or links that are contained within the emails to users registered for their receiving, and further supply the information to third party, publishers for example. This anonymized data however in no way will be capable of revealing any user’s personal identity in any way.


About Competitions

Information of our customers and members are used to notify and advertise any competition that may be undergoing. In order to find out more about any particular competition participation details can be found where applicable.


Policy Regarding Links and Third Parties We may share or pass your personal details within companies in our group and with our sub-contractors and agents in order to facilitate our use of your information as prescribed in our Privacy Policy. For example we may employ the services of a third party in order to ensure safe delivery of products our customers demanded from us. We may also hire a third party to collect payments from you as well as to analyze our data and present us with assistance related to service or marketing support.


We are also entitled to share all our information with a third party for credit risk reduction and fraud protection purposes. We may also transfer your personal information in our databases in case we sell a part or whole of our business to another party. We shall however NEVER disclose or sell any of our customer’s data to any third party other than the reasons prescribed in this Privacy Policy, prior to obtaining customer’s consent, excluding cases where doing so is deemed as necessary or the law requires us to do so. The Website also contains within itself third party links, advertising links and frames leading to other sites. Please note that we will not be responsible for the content or privacy practices of any of such third parties or any other Website in anyway. Also we are in no way accountable for the practices of a third party to whom we transfer your information as per defined in the Privacy Policy.


Use of Cookies

There is no requirement of accepting cookies to visit our site, however in case users decide to use our basket feature to order products, activation of cookies become a must. Cookies are miniature text files that help our server to recognize your computer as a unique visitor whenever you visit certain pages on our site. This is possible as cookies are stored in user’s computer hard drive via their internet browser. Cookies help in identifying the Internet Protocol Address which saves ample time whenever the users want to enter or is on the site. Our use of cookies is merely to facilitate user’s convenience while on the site, such as to remember a certain user whenever an amendment in the shopping cart is made without demanding the user to enter email address over and over again. Cookies are never used to obtain information about any user, such as for targeted advertising purposes. A user’s browser may be set not to accept any cookies; however in such a case use of the Website will be restricted. We assure our customers that none of our cookies contain any private or personal details and are virus free.